We are Green Jackets is the official website of the We Are Green Jackets Facebook Group  and the supporting Facebook Page Friends of We are Green Jackets. The group is for anyone who served in any of the Regiments which preceded the Regiment and of course the Royal Green Jackets. (as seen in the website image above).  Family of servicemen are also welcome. The Group, Page and Website are a result of inspiration gained by some friends and acquaintances, (who themselves were former Riflemen), of Len Chappell the Founder of We Are Green Jackets; and these were The Author Ken Wharton (Squaddies Voices), Dave Kennedy, and the late George Coney (RIP).  George said of the initial We Are Green Jackets Page, when it was first set-up, where do I join? and minutes later the group was formed, and then the Chosenmen started to join what remains the biggest Royal Green Jacket group on Facebook.