1011680_256960457811921_1553214761_nThe Green Jackets web site is the official site of the “We are Green Jackets Group on Facebook” where our members are the “Chosen Men” that served or are direct family from one of the five regiments that eventually amalgamated to form the Royal Green Jackets. (The Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, The Kings Royal Rifle Corps and the Rifle Brigade that initially made up the Green Jacket Brigade and later The Royal Green Jackets. The We are Green Jackets group was formed to bring the biggest group of ex Green Jackets together for social purposes, and it actively supports and recognises all the other existing groups, websites and associations, which can be found in the link pages.

The group came about after I was in contact with some old army buddies on Facebook who I had not been in contact with for many years and I realised that the brotherhood and comradeship that existed in the regiment still had very strong ties and continued to celebrate the historic regimental past. This led to some interesting conversations with a few different groups including the Memorial at Peninsula, where you can learn all about regimental history,  and some inspiring individuals one being “George Coney” who mentioned that we did not have a group that was purely made of of “Chosen Men”. This initially led to me asking permission to use some of the regimental badges that were copyrighted by MAP that have since been changed to meet our own needs, and the new Green Jacket page was born. George saw the page and asked me where he could join, so I explained to him that a page could only be liked or commented on and was in the public domain where it was available for everyone to see. After this we decided to broadcast the newly formed “We are Green Jackets” Group from the page, and it quickly gained momentum and got a thousand members in little over a week and has continued to grow steadily and has even introduced new members to Facebook.  Today the page https://www.facebook.com/greenjackets continues to find and feed new members to the group and also highlights the history of the Green Jacket family.


We also support the The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum Shop is located in Winchester, Hampshire-

The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum Shop
Peninsula Barracks,
Romsey Road,
SO23 8TS
The shop is open from 10am to 4.15pm Monday to Saturday.

To contact the shop directly please telephone-

01962 828550


We are Green Jackets is sponsored by Forces United